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Making Strides in Ninety Days – Finding the Diamond in the COVID-19 Rough for Sage 100

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Making Strides in Ninety Days – Finding the Diamond in the COVID-19 Rough for Sage 100

I do not know a single business owner adversely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic slowdown that
does not want to emerge stronger 90 days from now than when this all began. As much hardship and
suffering as the pandemic is causing, it could also be just the breather and opportunity needed to shift
focus from the day-to-day urgent matters to instead finally tackle strategically important issues. Doing
so can make a lasting difference for your company. Virtually every business has improvement
opportunities, some are no doubt hiding in closets and corners, while others may be staring us in the

Peering through the lens of the pandemic and suddenness in which it caused the world to pivot, what
have you experienced and learned? If possible, what would you have done to better prepare your
business and people? Can the pandemic’s forced temporary adaptation and challenges perhaps pave the way for a different and/or better way of permanently doing things?

Work from Home

While the ICS Support business was able to adapt to working remotely quite easily, it was not without a few minor challenges that got exposed in the heat of battle. We also assisted many of you in making the
transition to working remotely. In doing so, the challenges and user experience varied considerably
depending upon the level of preparedness, software applications being accessed, equipment availability, and offsite broadband quality. I think everyone would agree that in hindsight it would have been preferable to tackle remote access proactively as opposed to ripping the band-aid off during a crisis. Lesson learned.

What are some other examples of things that could be addressed now to ensure a stronger and more
resilient business going forward?

Back Office and Front Office Join Forces

This one may come as a bit of a surprise, but I think it can yield some big results. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software has traditionally been targeted at those in sales and marketing roles as a tool that can help them keep track of activities, prospects, contacts, customers, opportunities, and commitments. Thus, the term sales force automation was used to refer to the CRM software category.While CRM can certainly do those things very well, it can do so much more.
Think about it, it is called customer relationship management for a reason. Who in your organization
interfaces with customers directly or works in a capacity behind the scenes to serve them and keep
them happy? I would venture to say just about every single person on the payroll has some stake in this. If that is the case, would you not want them empowered to do the best job possible in serving the customer? Of course, you would.

Aside from sales and marketing staff, other roles that frequently benefit from using CRM include
customer service reps, estimators, schedulers, project managers, production managers, shipping
personnel, expeditors, team leaders, billing, and credit & collections. Using CRM, they gain
visibility of the customer relationship from end-to-end so they can act in an informed manner in
the best interest of the customer and your organization.

As a user of Sage 100cloud software, you can easily integrate Sage CRM with it. Doing so gives you
a powerful system, with a unified database and a single version of the truth. This means that some
users, assuming they are granted appropriate permissions, could see all information related to a
customer, whether that be accounting, sales, product availability, service tickets, deliveries,
opportunities etc., while other users may be granted a subset of information as desired.

Empowering your staff to serve your customers better with the addition of Sage CRM is an obvious win.
However, there are several other key advantages that come with a Sage 100cloud/Sage CRM system.

Remote access to Sage 100cloud information via a browser. Sage CRM is accessed via an Internet
connection and a browser. No need for Remote Desktop Connection, VPN, VDI, etc. Since Sage CRM is integrated to Sage 100cloud, that means you now have access to Sage 100cloud information via your
Sage CRM browser connection. A Sage CRM user does not need a Sage 100cloud user license to access the Sage 100cloud data. The combination of browser access to Sage 100cloud data and no Sage 100 user license required is almost as good as MAGIC!

Office 365 integration. How many of your people spend most of their day in O365? Lots I bet. The
good news is that they can continue to camp in the O365 desktop and access Sage CRM as necessary
without switching screens. We offer Sage CRM with a powerful O365 integration so that when key
information appears in Outlook (i.e. customer name, contact name, quote #, inventory item, etc.)
that data is recognized in the unified Sage 100cloud/Sage CRM database, and context sensitive data
from Sage CRM will be displayed in the Outlook desktop.

Any device. Since Sage CRM runs in a browser, it runs on any device including laptop, tablet, and
phone. Now you have all your system data available on any device, anywhere, and any time.
There you have it, you have just discovered an easy way to connect your back office staff with your
front office staff in a cohesive way so as to emerge from our current situation 90 days from now
stronger than ever. Sage CRM and Sage 100cloud, your new force multiplier.

Pilot Program

We have developed a pilot program so that your organization can experience some of the benefits
described above. This is a great way to prove the merits of an integrated Sage 100/Sage CRM system
using your data or test data (your choice).

Assess your business potentials and find opportunities for bigger success.