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Digital Transformation: A Construction PMP’s Responsibility

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Digital Transformation: A Construction PMP’s Responsibility

As project managers, we understand the value of lean processes, effective communication, and the efficiencies propagated by PMPs everywhere.  In a world that is marching onward into an immersive and connected digital future, how do we, as PMPs, evaluate tools and processes that are relevant to our businesses and our respective industries?  Software is everywhere; the amount of data transmitted throughout a project is ever increasing. 

For new technology to be introduced, we have to perform internal audits to understand our deficiencies, techno-philia or –phobia, research applicable solutions, determine what is cost-effective, what is future-proof, appeals to the C-suite for buy-in, and then exercise change management to help our organization adopt the transformation.  This is a daunting task for a technology committee, let alone a single PM. How do we overcome these hurdles?

Many issues can be managed through changes of process, but as we head toward artificial intelligence-dominated construction processes, software and a central silo of project and program data are now necessary.  We cannot continue as we have in the past.  Construction is becoming more like a manufacturing industry, tasked with the same tight tolerances and lean requirements.  We have to break through the barriers, communicate with each other, and find solutions that truly work.

As PMPs, we have a responsibility to introduce connected systems into our organizations.  Advanced analytics, machine learning, and the ability to deliver projects faster and on tighter budgets relies on it.  How can we approach this? The audit process starts with these questions:

What solutions currently work for you? 

What has your company been using that has proven effective or ineffective? 

Of the software currently deployed, what is being used by the team regularly?

How many man-hours are used connecting information from one software to another?

Which software, that connects to analytics and reporting, updates in real-time?

Does siloed data negatively affect project performance & communication?

The more we communicate, the more we can ensure effective delivery and transformation. This desire to share efficiency is the backbone of the MTWO platform. A collaboration between Microsoft and RIB Software, MTWO is the most comprehensive, connected, collaborative digital tool for the construction and real estate industries.  A study from Stanford University has shown even non-connected use of this type of technology to reduce RFIs by 80% and speed project delivery by 30%. 

As we learned through our PMP accreditations, project management is 90% communication. Increase collaboration exponentially to transform your construction organization to the new way of building management: adaptive, lean, and future proof.  

Frank E. Carpenter III MA CCM PMP is a Construction Technology Specialist on the MTWO team at Integrated Computer Systems. Frank lives in Greater Seattle and loves to show developers and owners how MTWO can transform their already-successful construction company into an even leaner machine by minimizing waste in time and materials, optimizing stakeholder collaboration, and ultimately streamlining the construction process from design to close-out.

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