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5 ways technology helps today’s harried recruiters

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5 ways technology helps today’s harried recruiters

A booming U.S. economy has driven unemployment down to less than 4 percent. That’s great news for job seekers, who can afford to be picky about what company they choose. But for recruiters and hiring managers, it means the available talent pool is starting to look alarmingly shallow.

Technology has become a powerful tool for helping companies find and recruit people who can drive future success. Here are five ways tech is changing the world of recruiting.

Talent-acquisition software

Businesses today have a range of IT tools they can choose from. These include Sage HRMS and Cyber Recruiter, which can automate much of the hiring process by:

  • Showing you the quantity and types of candidates you’re receiving
  • Generating questions that hone in on candidates’ strengths
  • Managing email responses
  • Creating a better candidate experience by improving communication and streamlining interview scheduling and follow-up.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent integrates deeply with LinkedIn (which is owned by Microsoft) to help a business find and attract talent.

The rise of AI

Artificial intelligence is changing how companies do business – including how they recruit. AI technology such as Textio can assess language patterns in job postings to understand why some do better than others, then make wording adjustments. To the delight of recruiters everywhere, AI tools can take over routine tasks such as screening resumes and scheduling interviews. And AI programs such as Affectiva can even gauge an applicant’s emotional intelligence during a video interview.

Texts as recruiting tool

Text messages can be a great arrow in a recruiting quiver. Start collecting mobile numbers from potential recruits: People who come in for informational interviews, people who attend job fairs, people in your network. Don’t text for initial contacts – use a phone or email. But then text people with job postings, requests for referrals, anything that will help the recruiting process. Keep it short and to the point. Also, set up an SMS auto-responder so that potential candidates can send a text to a short code and in return receive updated job listings.

Targeted candidates

Many recruiting software applications and services help you target candidates contextually, placing your ads in front of the right people with the right skills and experience. This technique uses cookie-based targeting to look at behavior that might match with the kind of person you want to hire. Let’s say you recruit for healthcare, and you need to hire nurses. It’s possible to identify online behavior common to nurses, then posting ads that will appear only to those people. This approach has the advantage of reaching out to people who might not be actively looking for a new position, but who are open to the idea once it’s suggested to them.

On-demand video interviews

Got a lot of positions to fill in a hurry? One way to manage that is through on-demand interviews. Prospective candidates can respond to screening questions at their convenience, using a timed on-demand video you post. Then it’s easy to flip through the videos and quickly decide which candidates are worth a follow-up. There are dozens of on-demand video interview platforms available, such as MontageHirevue, and Interview Stream.

How to get started with IT-centric recruiting

Here at Integrated Computer Systems, we know what it takes to help you find the right solution to recruiting. Our team of professionals can help you deploy talent-acquisition software, set up on-demand videos, automate recruiting processes, and more.  We stand behind our work and will do everything in our power to ensure a business’s satisfaction. Contact us about stepping up your recruiting processes today!

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