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Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Microsoft Dynamics NAV will transform the way you do business.

Getting data into your business management system is easy, but getting useful data out is next to impossible. Been through multiple software systems, but still can't find the right one for your business? Are limitations in your current solution holding you back from really growing your business? You need a premier Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that is scalable, robust and affordable. You need Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Microsoft Navision).

ICS helps you make smarter decisions with Microsoft NAV.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers a cost-effective, integrated software solution that is fast to implement and easy to use. Designed for small to medium sized business, Microsoft Dynamics NAV gives you a full range of tools you can use for every part of your operation - from managing your financial information, to streamlining your processes to connecting your employees, customers, and partners.

The ICS team of certified Microsoft Dynamics NAV masters will help you customize a solution that is right for your business - closely matched to how you already work, yet flexible enough to grow as you do. You can be sure that each ICS software solution will be crafted specifically for your business and backed by our proven design, implementation, and support excellence.

ICS provides Microsoft Dynamics NAV to your business with the following functionalities:

  • Customer Relationship Management - helps you automate daily sales tasks, tracks customer activity, launches marketing campaigns, captures sales history, and manages real-time customer records.
  • Human Resource Management - assists you by organizing your employee records, tracking absences, generating reports, and notating pertinent dates.
  • Supply Chain Management - guides you to tailor your workflow processes, improve inventory management, pursue new market opportunities, easily manage multiple warehouses, and work more efficiently with partners.
  • Financial Management - helps you manage bookkeeping, inventory, bank reconciliations, bank collections, accounting, assets, cash flow, and processes across multiple currencies, companies, and locations.
  • Manufacturing Management - allows you to control production orders, supply planning, bills of material, and capacity requirement planning.
  • Project Management - aids you in projecting costs, automating bills, budgeting costs/time, planning resources, tracking costs/usage, asset management, and planning capacity.
  • Services Management - supports you with resource allocation, creating reports, directing customer calls, maintaining queries, tracking support tickets, and managing contracts/service agreements.
  • Business Intelligence - provides you analytical tools to create reports, manage budgets, consolidate reports, identify trends, share knowledge, and link relationships.

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For 20 years, ICS has been your Microsoft Dynamics NAV experts in Seattle, Washington. We specialize in deploying cost-effective, integrated software and network solutions. We have the experience, maturity, and stability you need to feel confident in our solutions. By choosing us as your one-stop software solution provider, you reduce technology-related duplication and therefore drive down your costs. We go beyond your software solution and help you with all your system integration needs.

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